what’s your crisis rating on a scale of 1-10
2018 - 05

A list of holes available for you to fall into:

my mouth; the sink while you wash the dishes; the un-fillable hole that some kind of childhood trauma has left you with; a Sartrean hole; the leaky tub-hole that is never covered enough when you take a bath; the hole you were born out of; the hole created for addiction to occupy; the inside of a peach when you remove the stone; the space in the ground where diamonds are mined from; a freshly dug grave, probably not your own; the many holes created by crucifixion; the hole in a winding song; the hole created on the internet for desire; the plot holes in this story; the hole in a piece of blown bubble gum after it pops; the halo above the Virgin Mary; the hollow feeling in your stomach; the hole in your jeans that appears where your thighs rub together; black holes, all of them probably.

Blackstaff Mill, Belfast